Monitoring Health

is a monthly series of educational articles appearing in the various market publications of Healthcare Journals, Inc. that deal with issues of current interest to the community.  Monitoring Health is produced by the nationwide network of International Horizons Unlimited, Ltd. educators, professionals, and experts.


Alzheimers Disease: Education, Understanding, Coping, and “Glimmers of Hope”


Asthma: Problems and Solutions

Bio-Environmental Issues

Breast Cancer

Cancer of the Colon

Cancer of the Skin

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

Chronic Lung Disease

Cultural Competence: A Prescription for Success

Current Understanding of Peptic Ulcer Disease

Depression in the Elderly

Depression Risk Factors

Diabetes: Good Control Prevents Complications

Early Detection Important in Wound Care

Even Your Music Can Cost You Your Hearing

Gallbladder Disease

Gastro-Esophageal Reflex Disease (GERD)

Healthcare Ripe for Rediscovery of Accountability

Hypertension: Silent But Deadly

Interstitial Cystitis: The Need for Patient and Healthcare Provider Education

Learning Difficulties and Disabilities: Start in Childhood but Persist

Long Term Care: Are We Prepared?

Lung Cancer

Men, Middle Age, and Prostate Disease

New Tools Aid Treatment of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis: A Major Health Care Problem

Pain and its Management

Pain Management for the Elderly Patient

Protective Vaccines: Necessary for Children and Adults

Safe Fun in the Sun

Stroke: A Major Cause of Death and Disability

Subduing the Re-Emergence of Tuberculosis

Suicide: A Preventable Tragedy

The Care of Wounds: A Serious Problem Especially in the Elderly

The Impact of Kidney Disease

“The Name of the Game” for Health Care Delivery

Transplantation: A Very Complex, Simple Concept

Weight Management: Obesity and Other Disorders


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