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School Safety Report Card©

  This national awareness initiative for all stakeholders* in our schools and communities gives you a voice to express your concerns about school safety.  

  School Safety Awareness is a major force to significantly reduce and prevent school safety problems (violence, suicide, drugs, guns, gangs, physical and psychological security including bullying, and other dysfunctional behaviors).  

  Through community awareness, active participation, and dialogue raising important questions and concerns, school and public leaders will be stimulated to develop innovative programs to prevent school safety problems.  

Report Card©
For Schools,
School Districts,

Students, and Staff


As a stakeholder* in the educational system, your input is IMPORTANT.
Complete this report card to grade your school district and school, and send it to International Horizons Unlimited, Ltd. Your responses are anonymous.

After being compiled, results will be reported on this web site and, if you choose, to your e-mail. Results by zip code will go to school districts and public leaders.


* Stakeholders include: parents, teachers, students, counselors, administrators, taxpayers, business people, law enforcement, government officials, media, and community residents.

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