Complete This School Safety Report Card

Please select the appropriate response after each statement.
Do Not Know
I am a stakeholder in our educational system.
Our schools must be safe so that successful education can occur.
We only react after a dangerous situation has occurred.
My school has a program to prevent violence, suicide, and other safety issues.
I know what my school and school district are doing to provide a safe school environment.
My school district and school have made an effort to explain the existing programs and include me in the safety process.
My school needs to create safety and prevention programs.
Teachers are part of my school's program that creates safety through prevention training.
There are communication gaps between the various parts of the school community that get in the way of prevention programs.
There is a routine process for students, staff, and parents to report behaviors that can result in injury and/or death.
When a problem is found, the safety and prevention process allows for immediate actions and interventions.
My school has a crisis management team, everyone knows who is on that team, and can call on its members for help at anytime.
Too much effort, time, and money is spent on guards, metal detectors, and other devices rather than on prevention training.
Our schools need safety education programs for all members of the total school community including students, teachers, staff, and parents.
Everyone in the school community is an active member of the total school safety and prevention team.
Everyone should be held accountable for school safety.
We can produce safe schools by working to prevent safety problems.

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